Biological and Holistic Dentist

Advanced Dentistry in Upcountry Maui

Barkley Bastian, DDS provides the full range of modern dental services.

Our goal with each of our patients is to provide the perfect solution for their dental situation, depending on their individual needs.

The latest dental techniques in a friendly, comfortable Maui setting

You can relax and leave your dental troubles with us. Our Upcountry Maui office is a friendly place where you will be well taken care of by our staff of dedicated, caring professionals. Dr. Bastian always takes the time to personally provide you with the best treatment and information possible, which includes an in depth understanding of our treatment plans, as well as alternative options.

Solutions and Services

We offer many services at our practice in Maui, Hawaii, and we know that as a patient you want the best.  Therefore, the first step we recommend for a new patient is an initial exam with Dr. Bastian, allowing him to take the time to give you an in-depth look at treatment options.

We offer many treatment options at our practice in Maui, and are integrated with a holistic and Biological approach to dentistry. For more information about these services, please click here.

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