Agility Guard on Location, Maui Cyclery

Donnie wired and ready on the K7

Maui Cyclery owner, Donnie Arnoult gets Optimized at his shop in Paia for an Agility Guard.

Looking forward to delivery and feedback from this local bike enthusiast.

Thank you Donnie for opening up your shop and clients to us today.


Barkley and Donna

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Improve Your Game

No matter what sport you play, improving your game takes patience, practice, and endurance. This week, we’re introducing something to our office that I think may change your game forever: Triumphant Athletic Agility Guards.

New Standard

Triumphant Athletic Agility Guards are, in my opinion, (as well as the opinion of several of the best neuromuscular dentists out there) the best athletic performance guards offered. Check out their new website for more information:

Change Every Game

Triumphant Athletic Agility Guards improve all of your games-whether you’re speeding down the ice or batting a home run. (To see a complete list of all the sports, check out their website here:

Come in today!

We’ll be offering these custom athletic guards in our office starting this week. So far, we’re the only dentist office in Hawaii offering these agility guards, but we’re also a certified regional facilitator. We’re looking forward to our first in office training to other dentists in the area. Of course, if you’re a mainland dentist that wants to take a tropical vacation and get certified at our office we’ll be happy to see you on our island!

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Athletic Agility Guards!

Exciting news in the sports guard arena, check out what it is and who’s wearing them at

This is beyond a mouth guard this is a performance guard, check out the site

I think you well be impressed.


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