Athletic Agility Guards:
“Our focus is simple – we have developed a product that is, we believe, the best performance mouthguard in the industry”

Occlusion Connections:
Center of Gneuromuscular Dentistry and Orthopedic Occlusal Advancement.  OK, let’s put that in simpler terms, “Happy Muscles”.

Heavy Metal Testing – Quicksilver Scientific:
“With superior, advanced analytical methods and our staff’s expertise in mercury chemistry, Quicksilver Scientific is the leader in mercury speciation analysis, providing analysis at half the price of many other analytical companies.”

Biocompatibility Testing:
“We are a specialized laboratory dedicated to the investigation of dental material reactivity.”

Huggins Assist Program: (Hugins Applied Healing)
“Providing Solutions for Mercury Toxicity since 1973.”

The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in the dental practice with information from the latest interdisciplinary research.

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