Athletic Agility Guards

For over 40 years, dentists have noted improvements in athletic performance when athletes used properly designed mouthguards.

I am honored to be invited by Dr. Clayton Chan as one of the premiere regional center facilitators supporting Occlusion Connections teachings and to be a part of the Athletic AgilityGaurd Team.

Why Athletic Agility Guards?

At our practice, we proudly offer what we consider to be the best-and the best, (in our much-researched and tested opinion) are Athletic Agility Guards.

Why Are They “The Best”?

Athletic Agility Guards are the best thanks to the careful research of Dr. Clayton Chan. Dr. Chan has discovered “that there is an “optimized zone” – to within less than a millimeter in most cases – within which performance is optimized.” ( Dr. Chan has perfected a series of tests-known as the “Agility Tests”- in which you will begin to understand the extent to which the Agility Guard will help you.

How Do I Get Started?

Dr. Bastian has completed the Athletic Agility Guard training, and welcomes new patients. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment! (808) 572-9461

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