Neuromuscular Services

The Neuromuscular Side-TMJ and Chronic Headaches

Dr Bastian’s office offers a high level of sophistication in neuromuscular dentistry. At our office, we use computerized equipment which allows us to measure and study the patterns associated with your jaw opening and closing through its full range of motion-in three dimensions. This sensor can also pinpoint the precise point where your jaw is being held in relation to the upper teeth and can then measure the movement of muscles that control the jaw. Using this information, Dr. Bastian can then determine if your current jaw position is the best one for you-and if it isn’t, he’ll go over some great solutions we have for this-including the new Athletic Agility Guards!

So how is this done?

The tests that we offer are completely non-invasive. There are two tests currently offered at Dr Bastian’s office; the k7 test (a computerized mandibular scan) and the TENS test.

The K7

The K7 is a very simple yet effective test. A very small magnet is gently applied to your lower gum. Then, a very lightweight sensor is placed on year head (this headgear weighs about as much as a pair of sunglasses) Then, sensors on the headgear follow the path of the magnet as you open and close your mouth. This information is then sent in three-dimensional form to the computer.


The TENS test will basically change the way your muscles are used to working and allow them to truly relax. This is achieved through a low electrically induced exercise, which will allow your jaw muscles to completely relax. After 40-60 minutes, we will gather the data to understand what the optimal position for your jaw really is.

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