At Dr. Bastian’s office, we strive to provide the best in dental care — and part of that is taking on a philosophy that your mouth is, in fact, connected to the rest of your body. One solution that we provide at our office to aid this philosophy is biocompatibility testing.

So What Is Biocompatibility Testing?

Biocompatibility testing is simply a refined process of determining if the dental material we are going to use in your mouth is compatible with your immune system. In other words we are making sure that the material is the best material we can use to help your immune system function properly to help improve your overall health.

How Long Is The Process?

The process is quite short and simple: we use a local lab to draw your blood, and then send it to a professional lab that will then complete the testing and send us the detailed results. Once we have these results, you come in for a consult with Dr. Bastian, and he will go over his recommendations.

How Do I Get Started?

Just call our office and make an appointment! (808) 572-9461

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